St. Charles Deck Handyman

As vice president of the Lakeridge Condo Owner’s Association in Lake Saint Louis, MO, I contracted with Josh Anderson to rebuild 11 of our wood decks. I can say without a doubt, he is one the best that I have seen. His attention to detail and of our concerns were always in our best interests. He is honest, hard-working, and just about everything one would hope for in a professional. I supervised every deck he worked on, and knew that it was first class work and a solid product.

Michael Barnum

Lake St. Louis, Missouri

JOSH is the BEST! He is very prompt, thoughtful and responsive. He anticipates needs even before you ask. I had him assist me in cleaning out my basement and man, there was a lot of stuff. He was very proactive in trying to help me move things to storage and he is a trustworthy guy. I honestly can’t say there is anything more that I could have hoped for from a person. He has all the tools necessary mixed with his positive energy makes him an all around great person to work with even when in a pinch! If you need someone, I would highly recommend him 🙂

Sapna C.

St. Charles, Missouri





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